Monday, September 8, 2014

Weight Loss Secrets

Weight loss secrets are little known tips and tricks to help you lose weight. Do you know a weight loss secret that has actually worked to help you lose weight? Here are a few tips that people claim have worked for them.

  • Every little bit counts. Substitute low-fat milk for cream, diet instead of regular margarine, zero or low-calorie soda or flavored water for calorie laden soda. Make this part of your regular routine. Don't do this only when you're on a diet. All those little calorie cuts add up.
  • Check the label. Before eating that unhealthy snack, check the label. For many people, this in itself is a deterrent and you'll find yourself either passing it up for something healthier or at least eating a much smaller portion.
  • Eating out trick. When eating out, ask for a take out box and pack up half your meal to bring home. Put half of your meal in the take out box before you even begin eating. A lot of people will eat whatever you put in front of them when in reality they've already eaten enough to be comfortable if they only ate half that much.
  • The paper towel trick. Before eating a slice of pizza or a burger, blot the pizza or the burger patty with a paper towel or napkin. You'll be amazed at how much grease is removed and, of course, calories also. I'm sure you can think of other foods to use this calorie reducing weight loss secret.

  • Fast food trick. Order the kiddie meal instead of a whopper or quarter pounder and fries. The kiddie meal will fill you without feeling stuffed and who really needs countless extra calories?
  • Pasta trick. Substitute whole grain instead of regular pasta. As well as being healthier for you it also fills you up faster which results in your eating less.
  • Water trick. Drink a glass of water before eating a meal. It's good for you and will help fill you so you'll eat less.
  • An apple a day. Make sure you eat an apple (or two) a day because studies have proven they aid in weight loss. In addition, they're full of fiber and down right good for you.
  • Brush your teeth. To stop evening snacking, instead of brushing your teeth right before you go to bed, brush them earlier in the evening. Most people will refrain from eating after they have brushed their teeth for the night. For late night snackers, this is a very effective weight loss secret.