Friday, September 5, 2014

Revealed - A Little Known Weight Loss Secret That Encourages You toCheat

There is a little know weight loss secret that actually works by speeding up your metabolism and that secret is to learn how to add a strategic cheat day to your diet week. This article shows you why this works and how to go about it.

When you get on a diet to lose weight you likely restrict your calorie intake and keep it low in hopes that your weight will continue to drop. The problem with keeping your calories at such a low level is that your metabolism takes a nose dive and this makes burning fat virtually impossible.

The secret is to give your metabolism a much needed boost on a weekly basis and the wonderful way to do this is to overfeed your body. This convinces the body that there is plenty of food available and brings your fat burning potential almost up to normal levels.

This strategy has been tested in both the lab and in real life dieters and proven to create weight loss on a steady basis week after week without reaching a plateau.

To incorporate this cheat day into your diet you will want to follow a strict low calorie diet for 6 days of the week and then on day 7 satisfy yourself with any and all of your favorite foods: pancakes with syrup, pasta, pizza even a burger and fries, any food is okay.

Your body will hold on to some water weight for a couple of days but research shows that your metabolism boost happens quicker than your body is able to create fat from your cheat day and you will be lighter on the scale by the end of the week, each week.

This little know weight loss secret is the solution you have been looking for to give you fast weight loss without the deprivation.