Sunday, September 7, 2014

Weight Loss Secrets: Getting Rid Of Stomach Fat Is Not Hard And Doesn't Involve Useless Supplements

Getting rid of stomach fat is not that difficult. That is one of the biggest weight loss secrets there is. And entire industries want to keep that secret so you will keep buying their products and using them again and again.

Thinking to yourself, "Next time they'll work. It's my fault they didn't work last time. I was using them the wrong way"!

Getting rid of stomach fat does not entail consuming all manner of supplements or using targeted exercises to address your abdominal muscles. Indeed, those approaches do not work at all because they cannot work.

If you understand the anatomy of the body you will understand why that is the case. Getting rid of stomach fat means reducing all the fat in your body and getting yourself to a body fat index that is appropriate! That is the only way to permanently reduce stomach fat and get a flat tummy. Facts like these are real, genuine weight loss secrets!

The supplements you are considering may temporarily reduce body fat and they generally do so by causing water loss. Because of that, they are actually harming you and causing dehydration. And I'm sure you know that dehydration can lead to many other medical problems. On top of that the fat will return, because the water loss is temporary and will ultimately be restored - along with the fat!

Strange that you need to keep using them right? Well, in terms of weight loss secrets the most alarming one is that these companies want you to have to use their products for a long time. That way they make more money! And that is all they care about. They certainly don't care about you. If they did, they would stop selling bogus products and stop playing on your emotions to make themselves rich! The last thing they want to do is solve your problem quickly.

And working the muscles without addressing the fat is a bogus approach too. Building muscle alone does not burn fat, and these targeted approaches are only trying to strengthen the muscle in a small area. That will do nothing for burning fat and indeed may make you look even worse. Who wants a strong layer of muscle emphasizing the two layers of tummy fat they are still carrying around!

The only approach for properly getting rid of stomach fat is a balanced eating plan that feeds the metabolism to effectively burn fat along with a program of core strength exercises to build a strengthened core to properly support and carry body muscle. Getting rid of stomach fat that way is easy and doesn't involve expensive supplements forever. Perhaps that's why it is one of the biggest weight loss secrets around!