Friday, February 27, 2015

Weight Loss Secrets - How to Drop Pounds Faster

Here are some powerful weight loss secrets that will have your body dropping pounds faster. We have all been told to reduce the calories we eat and to exercise in order to lose weight and this can work but if your goal is to get results fast and not waste time then this article was written with you in mind, it will take only a couple of minutes to read and it could help you reach your goal sooner.

Weight Loss Secrets

1. Lower calories but plan cheat days. The old formula for weight loss was to eat fewer calories and burn more and you would lose weight. Well this works for a short while but what happens is your body quickly reacts to this lower calorie intake by slowing your fat burning metabolism and grinding your weight loss to a halt.

To keep your metabolism high you must schedule regular cheat days one day a week. This will boost your metabolism back up and the rebound happens faster then your body can lay down new fat.

2. Snack on protein not carbs. It is common to grab a prepackaged carbohydrate snack out of the vending machine but this could be setting you up for fat gain. Carbohydrates, especially low-fiber/refined carbs, cause a spike in insulin which causes your body to store fat easier and shuts down fat burning. Go for a protein snack instead such as a low-fat cheese stick or small handful of nuts.

3. Add intensity to your workout and cut fat and time. Adding short burst of high intensity where your breathing is greatly elevated for a couple of minutes at a time is the key to revving up your fat burning metabolism. By constantly alternating back and forth between high and low pace/intensity you can boost your fat burning as much as 9 times higher.

These are just a few of the powerful weight loss secrets you can use to accelerate your fat burning for even more great tips follow the links below.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Reveal Your Weight Loss Secrets - Part I

Certainly, the very first step to get yourself ready to lose your body weight is to get a suitable lose weight plan for yourself. However, many people are extracting the exercise and diet plans via free sources (magazine, internet and etc) to get a lose weight plan. In fact, you may waste your time to execute the unsuitable weight loss plan.

Generally, a healthy plan to lose weight is a combination of exercise plan and diet plan. On top of that, you need to frame a weight loss goal for yourself before designing a plan. This is essential as the ultimate goal will always make you move forward, and keep yourself motivated along the weight losing journey.

It is easy to make yourself with a clear picture as a starting point to get a plan. For instance, if you wish to transform your body shape like Katy Perry or Angelina Jolie, you will know what is the next step for you to achieve your victory destination in weight losing. Apart from that, you will keep yourself motivated in achieving your ultimate goal to lose weight.

Tips to reveal weight loss secrets?

Yes, you own your secrets for losing weight. It is unique and you would probably achieve the optimum result, if you have unlocked your secrets. We have a unique body type, life style, eating habits, and living environment. You are the one to know how can you achieve your target, in the most effective way. I will discuss further about how to unlock your secrets for the coming article. However, I need you to evaluate your current eating habit and life style, whilst waiting my next post.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Amazing Weight Loss Secret - Calorie Shifting

Many people are looking so hard for an amazing weight loss secret to help them shed pounds fast that they fail to see a method which is already been used by thousands of people from around the world. The method I'm talking about is Calorie shifting upon which the famous Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet is based.

I've personally communicated with over a thousand people who've been on this diet and the results were, for the most part, impressive. People managed to shed a great part of their weight and did so in a short time.

The reason why this is an amazing weight loss secret is that it allows people to eat much of their favorite foods and still achieve a fast weight loss. More than that, Calorie Shifting isn't based on calorie limitation but on the bringing together of various food items and controlling the various nutrients in your menu. By nutrients I mean fats, carbs, and protein.

Calories shifting works by helping you to keep your metabolism running high even though you're bringing down your overall calorie consumption (without which losing weight would be impossible). It works because it's a doable plan. You get to eat 4 meals each day which is more than enough for most people. This prevents the sense of starvation which a lot of other diets force on you. The real weight loss secret of Calorie shifting (as is portrayed in the Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet) is in its simplicity. The diet is extremely easy to use.

Also, Calorie Shifting requires very little of your time as all the food items are things which you can easily buy and prepare yourself. I believe that it makes this method perfect for busy people whose main objective is to lose some weight.

Overall, I've witnessed the amazing weight loss secret of Fat Loss 4 Idiots and calorie shifting affect the lives of many for the good.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Before and After Weight Loss and My Fast Weight Loss Secret

Before and after weight loss you are still the same person. The same dreams, the same desires, the only thing different is that you have much better health and much more energy to do the things you love.

In this article I want to tell you about my fast weight loss secret that can help you to go from where you are right now to where you want to be when you reach your ideal body weight, and once and for all create the body of your dreams.

This secret is really simple. And by the time you finish reading this page you will know exactly what you have to do to start moving toward creating a lean, healthy body that is overflowing with vitality. And once you create this major health goal you will have your own before and after weight loss story that you can share with other people. This is very important, mostly because by spreading our stories that are based on real life experience we can help many people to create irreversible, long term weight loss success.

Anyway, here is my fast weight loss secret: If you want to lose unwanted body fat you have to become aware of the fact that it is almost impossible to lose body fat using a nutrition strategy. What this means is that a low calorie diet, a fad diet, a low fat diet will not produce long term fat loss. Taking diet pills, weight loss pills, or fat burning pills will not help you to burn fat from your fat cells.

If you want to have your own before and after weight loss story, and fast weight loss secret to share with others you will have to do one very important thing.

And this thing is: Move your body! To burn unwanted body fat as an energy source you will have to use physical activity on a daily basis! This is the ultimate fat-burning secret!

Just consume the amount of daily calories that your body can realistically burn, and use simple cardiovascular exercises like fast walking, jogging, bicycling, or anything else that you find enjoyable for long enough to burn the most total amount of calories.

You have to force your body to burn off that unwanted body fat. And this can only be accomplished through aerobic activity and resistance training. There is no way around this fact. Otherwise your body will fight you the whole time of you try to diet off the fat using any kind of nutrition strategy.

My before and after weight loss story can be found on my site. And fast weight loss, by the way, is something that can be accomplished. All you have to do is eat the right food, in the right amount, and use physical activity on a daily basis to help your organism use that "extra-fuel" that has been stored in your fat cells!

Obviously you have to know how to motivate yourself to walk, jog, run or do some other type of aerobic activity on a daily basis. This is something that I cover in my site and also in my fat-burning system.

But in a nutshell, motivation comes from focusing on the vision of your future self, and simultaneously focusing on the present circumstances in your life. And this has to be done all the time, not once a week, and month, or a year!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Weight Loss Secrets of the Biggest Losers - Learn How You Can Lose Fat Fast Like Them

The weight loss secrets of the Biggest Losers are being revealed by two of the show's most memorable contestants and you get to benefit. This article revisits the incredible story of The Weight Loss Twins, Bill and Jim Germanakos and shares the secrets to their success.

Bill and Jim were the winners of the 4th season and they did it in grand fashion. The brothers first weighed in at the ranch with a combined weight of 695 pounds and 8 months later they had shed half of their body weight each and stepped on the scale one last time a combined 350 pounds lighter.

What are the weight loss secrets of the Biggest Losers? Here are just some of the secrets they are revealing in their new rapid loss system due out in June of 2009.

1. Protect Your Metabolism. This was a key that the brothers found. Most rapid fat loss plans actually end up slowing your metabolism because they put your body in a defensive mode. Instead learn how to work with your body so it keeps your fat burning running strong. Their suggestions include, eating small and frequent meals, keeping yourself satisfied by allowing some favorite foods during the week in a controlled but fun way and also mixing up your exercise by varying the speed or intensity of your workout.

2. Keep a positive attitude. The twins always worked on their attitude. Yes, there will be many challenges but by focusing on what lies ahead and the good things this hard work is bringing you can push through those challenges.

3. Educate yourself. The brothers received a great education from the show's medical staff, nutrition experts and trainers and they have now packaged the best of this education in their rapid loss system so you can learn how to lose fat fast like them.

These are just a few of weight loss secrets of the Biggest Loser being revealed by the Weight Loss Twins. If you find these tips helpful then I encourage you to learn more about their new powerful system.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Diet and Weight Loss Secrets That Will Get Your Skinny in No Time

I am going to share diet and weight loss secrets that you can use if you are serious about getting the weight off and getting a lean and skinny body fast. It can be frustrating when you tap into that great motivation to lose weight only to have strategies that take the weight off too slowly. If you are ready to get results then I encourage you to take just a couple of minutes right now to read on.

Diet And Weight Loss Secrets

1. Get the carbs out of your evening diet. The fastest way to diet for results is to shift carbohydrates out of your afternoon and evening. This does a couple of things that you will love. First of all it will allow your body to release water weight that it is retaining and secondly it will force your body to burn body fat for energy since you are not giving it carbohydrates to burn.

2. Keep a food journal. I know, boring tip right? But I have to include it for one very important works!

A recent study proved this fact. In the study two groups were watched and over a 6 month period the group that kept a food journal lose twice as much weight as the group that did not.

3. Don't jump from plan to plan. If you want to get the weight off fast then stop jumping from diet plan to diet plan, the truth is that dieting can get, well...boring at times but if your current plan is working stick with it. If you jump to a different plan you will lose momentum and make your journey longer.

4. Use mixed interval training. Get the most out of your exercise. If you don't have time to exercise yet you still want the added fat burning that exercise gives you then you must use mixed interval training. By varying your pace and effort level every 1 to 2 minutes during a 20 minute workout you can double or even triple your fat burning for the entire day.

These diet and weight loss secrets will get the weight off fast and if you would like to learn even more fast weight loss tips follow the links below.