Thursday, September 4, 2014

Weight Loss Secrets - You Will Probably Already Know Them

There are a great number of diets and products being sold claiming to make all your excess fat vanish and give you to your ideal body. Unfortunately many of them just don't work or set unrealistic targets. A good example I read recently was a diet that expected you to only consume 350 calories a day. That isn't realistic for anyone and it certainly isn't healthy even if you can manage it.

The major secrets that the weight loss industry keeps from you are the same ones that millions of people have had great success with. They are actually a lot simpler than you would think. The big one is that a healthy, well balanced diet and regular exercise will work much better than many of the quick fixes that are being sold. I've stated losing weight is very simple and it is. Unfortunately this does not mean it is easy. This is because weight loss normally involves change to your habits and changing your habits isn't easy (just ask anyone who has tried to stop smoking). However there are certain tips to make your transition smother.

Some of the most effective weight loss secrets are about exercise. Science tells us that exercise holds the key for increasing your metabolism and burning more calories, which can play a big part in losing weight. High intensity exercises can play a key role for getting rid of those extra pounds, activities like, running, swimming, skipping, etc.. A secret that you might not know is that by varying the intensity of work throughout the exercise you do will increase your metabolism to a higher level than if you just constantly work at the same pace. Not only that but it will stay elevated for longer after you have finished exercising. Studies have shown that this type of exercise could increase the number of your calories burned by anywhere up to three times as much, when compared to constant paced exercise. So instead of running at a constant pace for twenty minutes, you could sprint for 30 seconds then jog for a minute and a half, then sprint for thirty seconds again, etc. for twenty minutes.

One of the simplest secrets you could follow is to do your exercise in the morning before you have anything to eat. There are two great benefits to doing your exercise first thing in the morning. When you do your activity before you eat you will normally burn fat for the whole time you are exercising. This is because the carbohydrates your body has stored will be used throughout the night when you sleep so your body will burn fat due to the lack of carbohydrates. The other major benefit is that it will raise your metabolism for the rest of the day. So you will be burning more fat than on a day when you don't exercise in the morning.

The final weight loss secret I will share with you is to think about the food you eat. Spicy food is proven to raise your metabolism so you will be burning more energy than if you were to eat a non spicy meal. Drinking cold drinks will help raise your metabolism. This is because the body has to use energy to bring the liquid up to body temperature. However it should be noted that you shouldn't drink cold drinks with any food as it will affect your digestive system.

The only way you will lose excess fat and drop to the weight you want to be is to stop eating the empty calorie foods like pastries, crisps, sweets, etc. By avoiding these types of foods and replacing them with fresh, wholesome foods you will be half way to reaching your ideal weight. The liquids you drink can also play a mammoth part. Simply by drinking water or diluting juice / squash instead of alcohol or fizzy drinks will see you notice a difference and have more energy in a matter of days.

These weight loss secrets are not theory! They have been tested and have been successful countless times by many people. If you implement them and put them together with a healthy diet of whole foods and a reasonable exercise schedule you will drop all the weight you could want.