Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Celebrity Weight Loss Secret - The One Secret Celebs Use to Get Their Buts in Shape

The number one celebrity weight loss secret that you most likely don't have is... motivation. Yes that's it. Unless you have a really good reason to lose weight you probably won't put 110% of your effort into losing weight. You will cheat, you will delay your diet and you will do it wrong. Until you have the right motivation to push yourself to lose that fat and get into shape, you will and always be where you are right now. See this is precisely the reason why supermodels are so good at starving themselves, it's because the modeling industry is so competitive and it's their source of income. The celebrity weight loss secret works for them because their job depends on being thin. Yours doesn't so what's your motivation?

Be Motivated

If you want to be motivated to lose weight ask yourself right now why do I really want to lose weight? Is it for a wedding? Even if you are trying to lose weight for a wedding, why are you doing it? Is it because you want to look great for all the people that you haven't seen in years? Is it because you need to upstage the other bridesmaids or groomsmen? Notice both examples I gave were external motivating factors. Let me tell you first hand, no motivation is better motivation than intrinsic motivation. If you want to lose weight for your own health, to live longer, to be more limber, to breathe easier, you will want to lose weight fast. Who wants to lose weight for someone else? It doesn't make sense. If you are happy with yourself why would you want to do something for someone else? A celebrity or a models motivation may be money, but money will only drive them so far. What if you had all the money in the world and were trying to lose weight? It wouldn't be a very good motivating tool would it.