Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Diet and Weight Loss Secrets That Will Get Your Skinny in No Time

I am going to share diet and weight loss secrets that you can use if you are serious about getting the weight off and getting a lean and skinny body fast. It can be frustrating when you tap into that great motivation to lose weight only to have strategies that take the weight off too slowly. If you are ready to get results then I encourage you to take just a couple of minutes right now to read on.

Diet And Weight Loss Secrets

1. Get the carbs out of your evening diet. The fastest way to diet for results is to shift carbohydrates out of your afternoon and evening. This does a couple of things that you will love. First of all it will allow your body to release water weight that it is retaining and secondly it will force your body to burn body fat for energy since you are not giving it carbohydrates to burn.

2. Keep a food journal. I know, boring tip right? But I have to include it for one very important reason...it works!

A recent study proved this fact. In the study two groups were watched and over a 6 month period the group that kept a food journal lose twice as much weight as the group that did not.

3. Don't jump from plan to plan. If you want to get the weight off fast then stop jumping from diet plan to diet plan, the truth is that dieting can get, well...boring at times but if your current plan is working stick with it. If you jump to a different plan you will lose momentum and make your journey longer.

4. Use mixed interval training. Get the most out of your exercise. If you don't have time to exercise yet you still want the added fat burning that exercise gives you then you must use mixed interval training. By varying your pace and effort level every 1 to 2 minutes during a 20 minute workout you can double or even triple your fat burning for the entire day.

These diet and weight loss secrets will get the weight off fast and if you would like to learn even more fast weight loss tips follow the links below.