Saturday, February 7, 2015

Weight Loss Secrets of the Biggest Losers - Learn How You Can Lose Fat Fast Like Them

The weight loss secrets of the Biggest Losers are being revealed by two of the show's most memorable contestants and you get to benefit. This article revisits the incredible story of The Weight Loss Twins, Bill and Jim Germanakos and shares the secrets to their success.

Bill and Jim were the winners of the 4th season and they did it in grand fashion. The brothers first weighed in at the ranch with a combined weight of 695 pounds and 8 months later they had shed half of their body weight each and stepped on the scale one last time a combined 350 pounds lighter.

What are the weight loss secrets of the Biggest Losers? Here are just some of the secrets they are revealing in their new rapid loss system due out in June of 2009.

1. Protect Your Metabolism. This was a key that the brothers found. Most rapid fat loss plans actually end up slowing your metabolism because they put your body in a defensive mode. Instead learn how to work with your body so it keeps your fat burning running strong. Their suggestions include, eating small and frequent meals, keeping yourself satisfied by allowing some favorite foods during the week in a controlled but fun way and also mixing up your exercise by varying the speed or intensity of your workout.

2. Keep a positive attitude. The twins always worked on their attitude. Yes, there will be many challenges but by focusing on what lies ahead and the good things this hard work is bringing you can push through those challenges.

3. Educate yourself. The brothers received a great education from the show's medical staff, nutrition experts and trainers and they have now packaged the best of this education in their rapid loss system so you can learn how to lose fat fast like them.

These are just a few of weight loss secrets of the Biggest Loser being revealed by the Weight Loss Twins. If you find these tips helpful then I encourage you to learn more about their new powerful system.