Friday, February 27, 2015

Weight Loss Secrets - How to Drop Pounds Faster

Here are some powerful weight loss secrets that will have your body dropping pounds faster. We have all been told to reduce the calories we eat and to exercise in order to lose weight and this can work but if your goal is to get results fast and not waste time then this article was written with you in mind, it will take only a couple of minutes to read and it could help you reach your goal sooner.

Weight Loss Secrets

1. Lower calories but plan cheat days. The old formula for weight loss was to eat fewer calories and burn more and you would lose weight. Well this works for a short while but what happens is your body quickly reacts to this lower calorie intake by slowing your fat burning metabolism and grinding your weight loss to a halt.

To keep your metabolism high you must schedule regular cheat days one day a week. This will boost your metabolism back up and the rebound happens faster then your body can lay down new fat.

2. Snack on protein not carbs. It is common to grab a prepackaged carbohydrate snack out of the vending machine but this could be setting you up for fat gain. Carbohydrates, especially low-fiber/refined carbs, cause a spike in insulin which causes your body to store fat easier and shuts down fat burning. Go for a protein snack instead such as a low-fat cheese stick or small handful of nuts.

3. Add intensity to your workout and cut fat and time. Adding short burst of high intensity where your breathing is greatly elevated for a couple of minutes at a time is the key to revving up your fat burning metabolism. By constantly alternating back and forth between high and low pace/intensity you can boost your fat burning as much as 9 times higher.

These are just a few of the powerful weight loss secrets you can use to accelerate your fat burning for even more great tips follow the links below.