Thursday, June 19, 2014

Celebrity Weight Loss Secrets - Learn the Secrets the Celebs Use For Weight Loss

I know why you are here; I know why are reading these articles. It's because you want to look like your favourite celebrity. You want to have a body like the latest starlet. Well guess what you can! I am going to give you some celebrity weight loss secrets so you can look and feel like the star that you are! And no you don't have to pay a personal trainer.

The Magic is in the H20
Water is the first secret to weight loss that no one talks about because they're too busy drinking... water! Water is the elixir of life. All life is derived from water. When it comes to weight loss, if you're improperly eating, or properly eating and detoxifying you should be drinking lots of water to flush out all the toxins. Water is also integral to keeping liver and metabolic rate functioning well. When your liver isn't working to keep you hydrated, it is working to burn fat. You want to capitalize on this as much as possible. Keeping your body dry will make your body slow down its metabolism. If you must drink alcohol, such as at a social gathering, make sure you are adequately hydrated afterward. If you are serious about weight loss, cut it out of your diet.

Get Rid of Waste
Celebrity weight loss secrets also include colon cleansing. Yes colon cleansing, I told you these were secrets not conventional ways that regular people use to lose weight! With the help of a colon hydro therapist you have your colons flushed out with water. This helps remove parasites from your body ingested from eating foods such as raw meat or pork, and the crust that that been sticking to your colon from the standard diet. Eating cleanly also helps keep your body free and clear of parasites. When you get a colonic done they even let you see what foreign matter is being transported out. You can go into your local phone directory and look for a natural colon hydro therapist in your area.