Monday, June 2, 2014

5 Easy Weight Loss Secrets to Lose Your Weight Successfully

Do you want to know weight loss secrets? There are 5 easy secrets that you must know to lose your weight successfully.

1. Do not starve to lose weight. If you stop eating one meal, it will only make you eat more in the next meal. Furthermore, your body will slow down the process of metabolism which will slow down your weight loss also. You just need to reduce carbohydrate and fat in your meal, and add more high fiber foods.

2. Trying to drink water before meals. It will make your stomach has less space for food.

3. Use some psychological technics to make you eat smaller amount of food.
-3.1 Use smaller food containers so that you can not notice a smaller amount of food.
-3.2 Use smaller spoon to slow down your eating speed.
-3.3 Chew your food slowly, it will make you eat less food but feel full faster.

4. Making time for exercise. Do it with your friends. Setting targets together. You will find it is a lot more fun and return a better result than do it alone.

5. Creating incentives to motivate your effort, such as writing your weight loss target, or taking a photo of your small size beautiful clothes that you used to wear in the past. Then put them around your home to remind you to focus on your weight loss mission.

These secrets make me lose 15 pounds in 1 month without any difficulty in practice.