Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Revealed - A Closely Held Weight Loss Secret - How Regular Cheating on Your Diet Can Help You Lose

If you thought in order to lose your extra pounds you needed to grit your teeth and deprive yourself of all your favorite foods then think again. There is a weight loss secret known for years by insiders that I would like to share with you. This secret actually shows you how to use your favorite foods to boost you metabolism and speed up your weekly loss. Curious? Then I encourage you to take a couple of minutes to read on.

Weight Loss Secrets - Cheating

This might sound impossible. I mean how can eating the "wrong" foods such as pizza, burgers, fries and desserts actually help you lose weight? Well, as crazy as it sounds this is a technique that has been around for years and not only proven to work in research studies but also in real life.

The key to understanding how it works is to understand your metabolism. Your metabolism is your engine and it is what regulates how efficiently fat is burned off your body. When you go on a diet and reduce your calorie intake your body does not realize you are on a voluntary diet and instead worries that you are headed for starvation so to protect you from wasting away your body slams the brakes on your metabolism and helps you KEEP your fat.

To avoid this slow down of your metabolism you must regularly convince your body that there is plenty of food available and you do this by taking one day out of your diet week to overeat and enjoy you favorite foods. Will this cause you to gain weight? Research shows that while your body will retain water for a few days because of the carbohydrates you eat that your metabolism rebounds so quickly that your body does not have time to make fat and by the end of your dieting week you have an impressive weight loss.