Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Rapid Weight Loss Secrets Revealed by the Biggest Loser Twins Who Lost 350 Pounds in 8 Months

Rapid weight loss secrets are a big part of the success of the Biggest Loser contestants.  Let's face it, they know how to create fast results.  Now 2 of the Biggest Losers, Bill and Jim Germanakos are revealing the secrets that allowed them to shed half their body weight in 8 months and how they have managed to keep most of that weight off.

Bill and Jim have come to be known  as The Weight Loss Twins.  Bill started out at 334 pounds and got down to 170 pounds by the finale of the show giving him the overall championship.  Jim was eliminated in week 5 but kept on his plan and trimmed his body which started at a weight of 361 pounds down to 175 giving him the prize awarded to the kicked off player with the greatest loss.

How did they do it?  Well, they learned how to work with their bodies and this education came from working very closely with the show's medical staff, nutrition experts and trainers. 

The brother's literally lived and breathed weight loss and they have now taken this education and combined it with their inspiring story in a new rapid fat loss system due out in June of 2009.

Here are some of the rapid weight loss secrets they are revealing.

1.  Attitude is everything.  You can know all there is about how to lose weight fast but if you don't think you can do it or you are not willing to face the challenges then forget it.  Work as hard on keeping your positive attitude as you do on your diet and exercise.

2.  Eat often and watch your portion sizes.  The brothers were big eaters before coming to the ranch but they learned that they could stimulate fat burning throughout the day by eating smaller and more frequent meals.

3.  Exercise the best way.  Exercise is a help when losing quickly but there is a way to go about it that will maximize your results.  Instead of exercising at a slow, steady pace all the time (i.e. walking on the treadmill) mix up your routine.  Try doing a 20 minute routine on the elliptical which varies your intensity between easy and hard.  Or add in a few sessions of weight training each week for a great metabolism boost.

If you found the Biggest Loser Twins to be an inspiration you can now benefit from their rapid weight loss secrets that are found in their new rapid loss system.