Thursday, May 22, 2014

Beyonce's Weight Loss Secrets - So Simple Yet Amazing

Ok, we all know Beyonce is slim and sexy -- so what's Beyonce weight loss secrets? After doing some research, I'm going to show you the insider's secret on how Beyonce manages to stay so slim and sexy through out all these years.

So without further ado, here are her weight loss secrets ...

Beyonce works out 5 times a week. You know her music video where you see she has those sexy abs? Well she also has a personal trainer who helps get the sexy figure.

But wait!

You don't need a personal trainer to get a figure like her. If you do basic calisthenic workout (meaning, you do push ups, squats, sit ups) you could get a nice body like her too.

So what's the workout secret?

You need to do it on a consistent basis! That's it. Nothing more.

As for Beyonce's diet ...

I'm sure she eats healthy. Meaning 6 small meals a day and she actually eats food that naturally burns body fat.

And what kind of food naturally burns body fat?

Well, everyone likes to sit on their butt and your body naturally burns all the fat right? To be honest with you hun, you don't need diet pills because there are natural food that burns fat for you.

Want an example of a fat burning food?

Hot pepper! How? Because the pepper has some chemicals (obviously, it's hot) so since your body temperature goes up eating hot pepper, you burn some fat. Pretty simple stuff but it works.