Sunday, May 24, 2015

Jillian Michaels Top Diet Weight Loss Secrets Program Causes Her Contestants to Win Biggest Loser

Jillian Michaels' advertisers are spending millions revealing her top diet and weight loss secrets. You've seen her image plastered on the TV screen, on AOL, and in emails and advertisements sent to you daily. You've heard about this popular fitness guru on radio and through online ads when you type in her name on Google or Bing. More of Jillian's top weight loss diet secrets are being revealed even as you read this article. But are this diet expert's methods worth all of the hype?

Let's look at a few of the results that some of Jillian's students on the popular TV program, the Biggest Loser (from the 9th Season called "Couples 3" on May, 2010) have achieved just in this past season and then judge for yourself.

There were originally 22 final contenders in the final season's episode and they were all hoping to win either the $100,000 prize and/or the $250,000 prize. Out of the 19 contestants who were eligible to win $100,000, the winner (who was actually not even voted to be in the finals), won. Koli Palu is his name and he had weighed 403 pounds, but using Jillian Michaels' expert and tested weight loss diet secrets, he is at this time down to 188 pounds, after achieving an amazing 215 pound weight loss. The pressure was intense for him and he missed his family, but his persistence and dedication to following Jillian's weight loss plan paid off.

Another contestant, Shay Sorrells, competed in Biggest Loser: "Second Changes Season 8". Subway was following Shay's progress and was offering her $1,000 for every pound Shay might lose after the finale. Shay went from 304 pounds down to 252 pounds and Subway was out of $52,000. Jillian Michaels' program worked well for Shay too. Her fame isn't over though as Subway has offered her a chance to double the $52,000 if she will train and participate in a marathon by the conclusion of this year. If she keeps following what she has learned, it would seem that this would be the continuation of a dream of a lifetime for her.

The three grand prize contenders for Season 9 Biggest Loser title were Ashley Johnston (was 374 pounds and is now 191 pounds: a 183 pound weight loss), Michael Ventrella ( weighed an amazing 526 pounds and is at this time 262 pounds for a total weight loss of 264 lbs!), and Daris George (weighed 346 pounds and is down to 178 pounds - a 168 pound weight loss). Congratulations goes to The Biggest Loser Couple 3 winner, Michael Ventrella, age 30, from Chicago, Illinois.

Although you would need to order Jillian Michaels' programs to find out her weight loss diet secrets, a few of them are obvious. Her dedication to improving lives is evident when you listen to the contestants tell about their successes. They seem to adore this weight loss guru because she took on their cause. In addition to being there emotionally for them, she continues to push them hard physically. When they want to quit, she is there urging them on, stressing that they can do it and helping them to picture how they are going to look in the future. She stresses the benefits emotionally and physically of what the weight loss is going to do for their lives and their families lives. She doesn't stop until her contestants reach their goals.

If you need to experience some of the same successes, find out more about Jillian Michaels and her weight loss diet secrets, great tips and advice from top weight loss diet secrets in the resource box. It's obvious that she has proven season after season, that with her methods and motivational skills, she can take even the most obese folks who seem like they've no hope and assist them change their lives. Her programs can be found readily online and can be used in the comfort of your own home.