Thursday, March 5, 2015

Want to Be a Successful Dieter - Here Are Some Top Weight Loss Secrets

Most people at some time in their lives have not been happy with their weight and have at least once gone a diet. Changing those eating habits most find difficult but their deep desire to loose those shapeless pounds usually dissolves and so their attempt at dieting fails. Wanting to loose weight does not mean that one has to submit to some form of punishment to achieve the goal. I have a few sure-fire secrets that will help almost anyone get into better shape.

Getting too extreme in your diet is one sure way to see failure. Could anyone really expect to stick to a diet that consists of plain yogurt and a glass of some type of juice, with a lunch of clear soup and crackers and finish the day with minuscule meat and side salad, I don't think so. That bag of cookies at the corner store is looking real good by the second day. Sure count the calories but have some sense about it all. Most time this is unsuccessful for the following reason, people simply get far too radical thinking 900 calories a day will see fast weight loss. Would it shock you to say it simply doesn't work? Realistic goals are the way to go, following a steady consistent program is the first secret for the serious successful dieter.

The second secret is not a difficult one, simply keep a diary of what and when you eat. This is a proven technique to keep you honest, use a small 5 by 8 inch note book. At the end of the day review what you have consumed, you will be surprised. Somehow that extra food got in un-noticed., this little book will alert you of when and how it got there. Several studies have shown that the use of this simple diary has helped more dieters loose weight than those who don't and amazingly it has helped to keep the weight off.

The food diary also has another great benefit, if discloses certain unhealthy eating patterns that add those unwanted pounds. Keeping a log of your weight once a week will disclose those foods which are helping you loose the weight. You can see that the addition of fruit and veges and the subtraction of sweets results in weight lose. Your taste buds are now adjusting to those subtle changes and preference for produce and you are able to see the weight lose taking on a steady pace. This secret is fast gaining a huge following and it is such a simple secret.

Many people find eating several times a day consuming much smaller portions each time works very well. You can feel quite satisfied with say 5 or 6 small meals spread out over the day and watching that tummy shrink is a big boost to the ego. Taking your time and chewing slowly each course is another great idea, you will when you have had enough. Your digestive system will thank you for less work to do as well. This is a not so well known weight loss secret and one well worth developing.

If you have developed one of those insatiable appetites and simply cannot cope with a change from a 12 ounce steak to a smaller 4 ounce portion then here is how to do it. Gradually cut the size of your steak down and add some more veges over a couple of weeks or so. By the end of say 4 weeks you should be coping with 4 ounces of meet and a nice load of veges. Look for lean meats and put in some fish a couple of times a week.

Grilling a broiling reduces fat and calories big time. A heart healthy choice for your salad dressing is good quality olive oil with almost no trans or saturated fats and no cholesterol.

A big no-no is butter on your veges, this is one fattening habit you will really need to wean yourself off. Herbal mixtures add taste and interest when sprinkled as a substitute. Oh that salt, great for water retention. These days there are substitutes even for salt in the form of herbal blends that taste like salt without there being any salt in them.

Here is one of the most self defeating techniques many people are sucked into, not eating breakfast. Often the dieter thinks he or she can simply divide the calories missed from breakfast can be divided into lunch and dinner. Think again.

Mom was always right in saying we needed breakfast to start the day correctly and get that necessary fuel. This is the time to get that fiber into you, much needed in digestion. Juice and yogurt finish a good breakfast and low calorie as well, more likely to be burned off before lunch. Weight loss secrets really are common sense, are truly effective and also the best.

The largest meal of the day should really be lunch and its resulting calories will again be burned off before dinner. Never settle down in front of the tv with a bog meal, dinner should be light so nothing is sitting heavy in you stomach during sleep. Take a quick walk after dinner, a good exercise plan, relaxing and calorie burning, that's the goal. No sluggish feeling on your return.

Now here is an interesting point, to feel less hungry between meals try snacking. Don't start screaming, I'm not talking cakes, cookies or chocolates. I'm talking fruit, sunflower seeds or maybe a couple of nuts, only if they are healthy and small in quantity. Make sure they take a long time to eat, plenty of chewing and also make it difficult for your self to get those snacks. Ever tried to shell a sunflower seed?

A well thought out dietary plan will reduce those foods that are basically forbidden, I don't need to list them for you, that little note book will tell you soon enough. So now and then you fall off the wagon and eat a pastry, don't put the gilt trip on yourself, just log it in your little book.

I have two more secrets for you and they are so well known but a big bug to many dieters, what are they? Water, lots of water, it is a filling agent and a great eliminator of burned fats. You guessed it, the next one is the dreaded exercise, at least 30 minutes a day, and do it without fail. Take a friend with you.

These are simple effective diet secrets that are to be shared with friends and family, I'm sure you want to be viewed as a hero, I know I do. That's why I have taken the time to share these with you, they are common sense weight loss secrets.