Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Top Five Weight Loss Secrets

Everybody wants to know the latest and greatest way to lose weight. Here are my Top 5 weight Loss Secrets that you might not know about.

One: Eating 4-5 small meals a day will kick start your metabolism and keep it burning all day. A small meal about the size of your fist will also keep your energy level up, thus giving you more motivation to exercise.

Two: Change your exercise routine by introducing new workouts. By doing so, you will notice that different challenges will surprise your body, causing it to burn more fat than before.

Three: Eat fiber rich foods such as grapes and broccoli, even as a small meal like in secret number One. By adding foods rich in fiber, your digestive system will get back on track and will dispose of heavy waste which actually adds to your weight.

Half Way through The Top Five Weight Loss Secrets, Why not get a Glass of Water!

Four: Invite a friend and this will take the boring out of exercise, chose wisely, somebody that will push and motivate you instead of giving up at the first sign of a challenge.

Five: Plan out your daily meals and prepare them at home. If you prepare your own meals you actually control what goes into your body rather than eating something fatty, easy and on the go.

Well there you have it, more ideas to put on your plate and I'll even give you a bonus Secret.

Six: Keep yourself active even after you get off work. Most of us will come home relax and eat, watch some TV, and then fall asleep. Try doing something beside plopping yourself in front of the TV and burn off a few more calories for the Day. Now there are my Secrets, but most these were just common sense. However you want to look at them, just give them a try and your body will thank you! Enjoy!