Monday, August 4, 2014

5 Unusual Weight Loss Secrets For Men That Will Make You Lose Weight In Less Than 21 Days

Men are you trying to lose weight? Are you GENUINELY looking for effective weight loss secrets for men tips that you can apply into your own life and start seeing yourself lose pounds in as little as 3 weeks? If you answered yes to all those questions, then this is the article you should be reading. Not reading this article to the end will be at your own peril.

I want to share with you five unusual ways that will make you lose weight, shed fat and get a trim body that will make you more confident and energetic. Remember they are unusual ways, in other words you wont hear something like exercise, eat this or don't eat that, these are secrets that people don't always talk about but they are very effective. Let's begin:

1. Set your mind in order: This is the first tip. It starts from your mind. Have you ever seen someone [or maybe it has happened in your own life too] who followed a particular nutritional program and yet it didn't work for them even though it has worked for many people? It has probably because they have the wrong mind.

2. Set your belief system in order:The first thing you should do is to stop reading and believing every media hype you hear about weight loss. Just because you hear something on the tv doesn't mean it works. What you should do is to pick one or at most two experts who have produced success not just in themselves but also in many people and follow everything that they recommend. It will be hard to shed pounds with that.

3. Set your talking in order:Your thoughts and words will determine how your future will be. As you are feeding yourself with positive thoughts that you will lose weight and have a better body, you can fuel that by speaking some words which some people call affirmation. What I advise is that you write down 5-10 positive affirmations in a card that are congruent with your weight loss goals and keep speaking them to yourself over and over again. This is one of the most powerful weight loss secrets for men. If you haven't been doing this you should begin immediately.

4. Set your goals and plans properly:You must have weight loss goals. Can you start a business without proper planning and then expect the business to succeed on the long term?The answer is NO. Set nutritional goals, set exercise and workouts goals. Set your weight loss goals today.

5. The right association: One of the reason i advice people not to buy products on the media but on the internet is because when you buy weight loss programs online they are likely to have forums that will have hundreds or thousands of people as members who have either used the program successfully or who are in the process of using it. By being a member of such focused group, your probability of succeeding will increase by almost 500%.

There you have 5 unusual weight loss secrets for men that will make you start losing weight in 3 weeks, guaranteed.