Sunday, April 27, 2014

7 Easy Weight Loss Secrets That Help You Lose the Weight Not Your Sanity

I understand the insanity that can surround weight loss, when all you want is some easy weight loss secrets that will help you lose the weight you can just as easily get overwhelmed with complicated and hard to follow strategies. This article cuts through all the fluff and filler and gives you 7 easy weight loss secrets that have been tried and tested so you can lose the weight not your sanity.

1. Keep a food journal. This will keep you accountable and aware of your eating and research has shown that those who kept a journal lost twice as much as those who didn't.

2. Mindset matters. If you have a great diet plan to follow but inside your head you are constantly complaining about how much you hate to diet you will quit before the results are seen. Focus on the positive outcome you expect and let go of negative and limiting thoughts.

3. Eat more mindfully. Eating mindfully naturally slows your eating pace and helps you feel satisfied on less food, try chewing and swallowing your bite of food completely before taking a second bite.

4. Find a mentor. By knowing someone has accomplished what you are setting out to do you will find that added inspiration to push through challenges.

5. Sniff peppermint. University studies show that sniffing peppermint throughout the day helped people easily cut 2,800 calories out of their week.

6. Have a salad with every lunch and dinner. Commit to having a side salad of vegetable with every lunch and dinner and you will add filling fiber and naturally eat less of the high calorie main dish.

7. Get a doggy bag at the restaurant WITH dinner. Ask for a doggy bag when you meal comes and then divide large portions before you take your first bite. You will be satisfied with the food on your plate and have lunch all ready for tomorrow.

If you want to lose weight and keep your sanity then start to incorporate these 7 easy weight loss secrets into your daily routine.