Friday, April 3, 2015

Seven Weight Loss Secrets For Swamped Moms

I completely understand the added demands and responsibilities that motherhood places on you... and the first thing that goes out the window is your pre-baby body. And you would like to get it back... who wouldn't...

So I decided to write an article that addresses what swamped moms can do to efficiently and effectively lose their mommy belly.

Sounds like a good deal to you?

However, I must warn you... you are going to have to buy a whole new wardrobe set for your new toned and lean body... :)

So here goes...

Weight loss secret One) focus on strengthening exercises and workouts instead of cardio

The reason being is that when you develop your muscles, you are actually increasing your metabolic engine within your body. And there are tons of ways to do this... you could use free weights, cables and weight machines at the gym. Or you could use bands or bodyweight exercises in the privacy of your own home.

Weight loss secret two) Do compound exercises rather than "isolation" exercises

Isolation exercises is a myth... probably propagated by muscle magazines that are nothing more than rags that sell trash from supplement manufacturers. And the models (both men and women) are probably users of steroids and are the worst role model that you could possible choose from.

So doing a whole bunch of bicep exercises is pretty much inefficient and a big waste of your time. You see, you CAN'T get great arms and be flabby everywhere else in your body. It isn't possible... and yet you see all these people in the gym just pumping away trying to get awesome biceps or triceps.

What you SHOULD do is focus on compound exercises where your major muscle groups all work together (as in real life and the reason why your body was put together the way it is). Exercising all the major muscle groups will develop stronger muscles which will tone and shape the whole body.

Weight loss secret three) Organize your weight training workout

Pair 'em up! Do upper and lower body exercises. Do front and back exercises. The reason being is that if you just focus on one area of your body... you are gonna get really tired and get less done... you will find yourself wasting time between sets. So if you want a faster workout and get more body parts trained... then pair 'em up!

Weight loss secret four) Don't do more than twelve or less than eight repetitions

Research has shown us that the most effective range of weight training to build lean muscle is between eight and twelve. This range is perfect for saving time, stimulating your metabolism and toning your muscle mass. And please... don't be afraid of adding more weight! It is an absolute myth that you can bulk up like a Eastern German Swimmer... (I always suspected those women took drugs since they had a deep voice).

Weight loss secret five) Don't rest more than 1 minute

This is my focus when I workout... get in and get out. That's it! No molly cuddling. NO chatting with your friends. You don't have time and you want to get the best workout you can and get out... Short rests between sets is good because it keeps you focus and you just need the minimum amount of rest to get back into the next set.

Weight loss secret six) try to workout the entire body

What I just said. Drop that crappy myth about working out individual body parts or Monday is leg day and so on... just do the workouts for all body parts. Not only it is much faster... you won't have to go to the gym as often for the same benefits... no more than three days is all right...

Weight loss secret seven) drop kick the cardio

If you haven't read my previous articles... I have mentioned that cardio is one of the worst possible exercises that you can do to lose body fat. Seriously! Cardio doesn't promote muscles and is pretty much useless in the fight against blubber.

And look at it this way... go to ESPN and watch two types of running races... the first would be those college sprints and the other would be those marathons. What body would you prefer... the stick figures of emaciated long distance runners or the toned and lean physique of the sprinters and track athletes?

I think I made my point. I don't believe cardio is a very efficient way to lose body fat and exercise your heart. There are better ways to do it and that is for another article.

There ya go! You now have seven weight loss secrets to get you started...